Version 1.5.1 of DynaML, released September 20, 2017, introduces bug fixes and some useful new features


Package dynaml.probability.distributions

  • Added Kumaraswamy distribution, an alternative to the Beta distribution.
  • Added Erlang distribution, a special case of the Gamma distribution.

Package dynaml.analysis

  • Added Radial Basis Function generators.

    • Gaussian
    • Inverse Multi-Quadric
    • Multi-Quadric
    • Matern Half-Integer
  • Added an inner product space implementation for Tuple2

Bug Fixes

Package dynaml.kernels

  • Fixed bug concerning hyper-parameter blocking in CompositeCovariance and its children.

Package dynaml.probability.distributions

  • Fixed calculation error for normalisation constant of multivariate T and Gaussian family.