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What we do

Build modular and scalable platforms for inference, learning and decision making.


Dyna ML

DynaML is our flagship machine learning library. It is an industrial grade Scala shell and platform for Machine Learning applications in scientific research, education and practice.

To learn more about DynaML and its applications refer to the user guide.

Plasma ML

PlasmaML provides scientific researchers tools for exploring applications of ML/Statistics tools in Space Physics.


Daedalus explores cross applications between AI, Dynamical systems and Turing machines. Daedalus is a bleeding edge project and subject to rapid/erratic change.


Are you thinking of applying our products in production environments? Want to collaborate with us for furthering your research aims? An interested student who wants to do be a part of cutting edge efforts in the junction of computer systems, AI and physical sciences? Drop us an e-mail. You can also chat with us on our gitter chat room.

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Transcendent-AI/DynaML